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Balanced Fair pricing - No membership or monthly fees. And no credit cards needed. You will receive 3 replies at £2.00 per message for every 1 message sent plus standard network rate. To end service text STOP to 89530. See full terms and conditions below for full details.

Calls cost £3.60 per minute plus access charge.

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Age: 31

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Bust: 34D

Figure: Size 12

Relationship: Single


Region: West Midlands

Hi. I'm Simone. I work as an Air Hostess. I've advertised on this site and enjoyed 2 or 3 sexy contacts . I am often in the North and Midlands airport area and looking for company for overnight stop overs. I am only looking for easy going men and not couples. See my photos and text me if you're interested.

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Q1. My texts arent going through what should I do?

You may have an ADULT BAR on your mobile, It's easy to fix See Question 13

Q2. Why do I have to text shortcodes to 89530 and not their mobile?

Well surprisingly women aren't that keen to give out their mobile or home telephone numbers for all to see on the Internet. So we provide a safe way for them to make contact with you.

Q3. How much will it cost?

Your network charge per sent text & £1.50 per received sms (max 4 msgs per reply) or £3 for each photo message, simple

Q4. How is payment made?

We just bill you via your mobile bill, which means you don't need to worry about giving any credit card or bank details to us.

Q5. Which networks do you support?

All uk mobile phone networks are supported

Q6. Are some or all of the women advertising on your service prostitutes or escorts?

We do not allow prostitutes, escorts, massage parlours, hookers or anyone involved in the 'Pay for sex' trade to place adverts with us. Our women are normal everyday women you'll probably find living right next door.

Q7. Is this an automated service?

No way, We guarantee that all your replies will come from real women ask them whatever you like (Have you tried talking to a computer lately they're pretty stupid). Also almost all of the women have photos they can send to your phone.

Q8. I'm a woman – how do I join your service?

Send us a message by clicking here form and we will contact you.

Q9. How do I STOP using the service?

Send the message 'STOP' to 89530. You will receive a confirm 'stop' message. We do our best to make sure the stop command is instant. However the sms network can be slow and in rare cases there can be a short delay where messages could still be delivered to you.

Q10. What do you do with my details?

We do not share or resell any data or your mobile number

Q11. How can I stop my wife finding out about me texting other women?

Don't leave your mobile phone lying around for her to pick up or at least set a pin number to it so she can't access your text messages.

Q12. Is there an easy way to view the website on a mobile?

We are working on this at the moment check back soon!

Q13. How do I remove an Adult Bar from my phone?

If you are unable to receive any text messages from us you may have an Adult bar on you mobile phone. All it means is you service provider is unaware that you are over 18 they have to assume this unless you tell them otherwise. An adult bar will restrict you from using adult shortcodes, used for text dating sites and mobile phone betting or any services not intended for minors. But don't worry its easy to remove & embarrassment-free. You just need to call your mobile phone provider and say "please remove the adult/premium rate bar from my phone" they will ask you if you are over 18 and may ask for a credit card to verify your age. They don't ask you any personal questions. For a list of who to call see below